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In addition to the usual content streams, users can browse the profiles of content creators based on their interests.

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Users have direct access to their favorite celebrities. Other users cannot view the chat session as it is secure and entirely encrypted.

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Are you a Fan looking to connect with your favorite creators or a Creator ready to engage with your fans? My Fan Studio is designed with unique elements, catering to the sole purpose of helping people create and generate their own content. Join us today and explore our exclusive features

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Purchase Digital Content/Merchandize

Users have the option to pay for and purchase personalized clothing, tangible things from their favorite celebrities, as well as digital content like movies, pictures, slideshows, etc. Users may easily find what they’re seeking with this app like Onlyfans software by using a simple search tool.





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Cheating Series
Season 5 airing Now
Anna Tenshi's Cheating Series explores love, betrayal, and redemption with captivating drama and unexpected twists, delving into the complexities of human relationships.
Anna Tenshi
Cheating Series
Anna Tenshi, the visionary storyteller, transcends boundaries with captivating narratives, offering readers unforgettable journeys into realms of passion, intrigue, and imagination.
Tenshi Chronicles
Cheating Series
Anna Tenshi's Chronicles span romance, fantasy, suspense, and adventure, unveiling imaginative worlds, rich characters, and intricate plots, promising an engaging reading experience.
All Tied Up
Cheating Series
All Tied Up by Anna Tenshi delves into sensuality, kinks, and submission, offering a tantalizing exploration of desires, trust, and powerful connections.

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Join My Fan Studio as a creator to transform your passion into profit. Connect directly with your dedicated fanbase, building personalized relationships that foster loyalty. Our platform offers advanced features, including post scheduling, watermarking, and in-depth analytics, empowering you to enhance your content and maximize your earnings. Discover a space where your creativity thrives, and your artistry is celebrated like never before. Elevate your adult entertainment career with My Fan Studio today!

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Be among the first 100 creators to join
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Free Logo and Branding Design

Elevate your profile with a personalized brand identity that sets you apart.

Start monetizing your brand with merch that your fans will love

Premium Subscriptions

The social media subscription model enables content producers to set a monthly subscription charge.

Referral Program

Models and content producers can make money by referring other models and producers to sign up for the My Fan Studio Creator

Premium Chat

Users can pay a fee, to personally communicate with models and content producers. Pay-per-view is the operating model for a premium chat.

Live Streaming

Live-streaming models can make money by accepting tips from their viewers for different requests. The influencer market is improved by higher earnings.

Send Tips

Users may post tips. The minimal tip is $1 US. Your fans are always welcome to leave tips.

Send Post Cards

The post can be an image, video, text, or audio. The user can view, like, comment, and bookmark the post. Tips can be sent to the post by the user.

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Join our vibrant community of creators.

Connect, collaborate, and share ideas with like-minded individuals. Together, we can inspire and empower each other to reach new heights.

Join us on a style journey where you’ll:

Creative Collaboration: Collaborate with fellow creators to amplify your creative potential.

Inspiration Galore: Immerse yourself in a world of inspiration from diverse voices and talents.

Networking Opportunities: Expand your network and access exclusive opportunities in the creative industry.

Special Offer: Be among the first 100 creators to register and receive free branding, a custom logo, and personalized merchandise to kickstart your creative journey! Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity. Join us today!

Monetize Your Talent

Turning Passion into Profits

Your talent deserves recognition and reward. Discover how you can monetize your content and earn from your passion. Unlock the potential for financial growth as a creator.

Your Own Merch

As one of the first 100 creators to register, you'll receive a special gift – the opportunity to have your very own custom-branded merchandise. Showcase your unique style and brand with pride. Join us today and start creating your signature merchandise!

Your Branding

As a part of our exclusive offer for the first 100 creators, we'll provide you with personalized branding that reflects your unique identity and vision. Elevate your online presence and make a lasting impression. Join us today and let your brand shine!

My A.S.S. Shop

Join My ASS as a creator for exclusive access to adult product showcases, commission opportunities, community engagement, profile customization, early product access, and educational resources. Unleash your creativity and expertise today!


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My Fan Studio has transformed my career as an adult content creator. With advanced tools, direct fan engagement, and free branding, it's a game-changer that allows me to thrive, connect, and profit like never before. I highly recommend it.
Anna & James Tenshi

Studio Secrets Revealed

Discover the ins and outs of My Fan Studio and learn how to make the most of our platform as a content creator. Uncover the secrets to boosting your success in the world of adult entertainment.

Explore the powerful features that My Fan Studio offers to creators. From post scheduling to direct fan interaction, find out how to leverage these tools to elevate your brand and connect with your fans like never before.

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Discover the world of BDSM, from understanding consent to exploring various kinks.

Building Trust and Transparency with New Partners”

  • Understand the foundations of open relationships, emphasizing trust and transparency.

I've Worked with from Big Agencies to New Bloggers.

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I Can Help You Take Your next Step Regardless of Size.

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Anna Tenshi

Creator Anna Tenshi:
Unleash Your Creative Vision

Meet Anna Tenshi, an exceptional creator with a passion for artistic expression. Join her on an exclusive journey to discover the secrets behind her captivating content. As a special offer, be among the first to register and receive a personalized mentoring session from Anna herself. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your creative skills with a true visionary. Join Anna Tenshi’s world today!

01. Main Camera

RET Monsta 8K II Ultra Vision

02. Main Lens

Eget 70-200mm f/2.8 Sport

03. Camera Gimbal

Ultric Steady Pro Maxx

04. Tripod

Blandit Travel Posuere 2 Go

Your Style, Your Way, Your Fans. I created this platform because I believe in empowering creators and fans alike. Tired of restrictive rules on other platforms, I wanted to build a space where adults can express themselves freely and authentically. Welcome to a better way to connect and share.

Simon Lee
Be what you want to be

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