Sign Up

  1. Sign Up: a. Fill in all the required user information. b. Click the “Sign Up” button.

  2. Access Login: 

  3. After signing up, you will be redirected to the application’s main page. 

  4. To access the Login option, simply go back to the Sign Up page or click on the Login link/button provided on the main page.

Terms and Policy

You will find links or sections labeled “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy.”

Click on the “Terms of Service” link to view the terms and conditions.

Click on the “Privacy Policy” link to view the privacy policy.

After reviewing the terms and privacy policy, if you agree with them, proceed by clicking the “Sign Up” button.

Sign Up with Referral Code

Users can sign up with a valid referral code of the existing user.

Users will have the Check Referral option to check whether the referral code is valid or not.


Logging In:

Go to the application’s main page 

Enter your valid login credentials, including your username or email and password.

Click the “Log In” button.

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