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<title>Creator Application Form</title>
<h1>Creator Application Form</h1>
<p>Please fill out the following information to apply for the 100 Free Branding and Logo, along with 5 merch products valued at $499 for free. You must be over 18 to apply.</p>

<form action=”submit_application.php” method=”POST” enctype=”multipart/form-data”>
<label for=”full_name”>Full Name:</label>
<input type=”text” id=”full_name” name=”full_name” required><br><br>

<label for=”email”>Email:</label>
<input type=”email” id=”email” name=”email” required><br><br>

<label for=”age”>Age:</label>
<input type=”number” id=”age” name=”age” required min=”18″><br><br>

<label for=”document”>Upload ID/Passport/Official Document:</label>
<input type=”file” id=”document” name=”document” accept=”.pdf, .jpg, .png” required><br><br>

<input type=”submit” value=”Submit Application”>

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